Daily Administrator Workflow

After you've completed the setup of your Digital 360 Health platform, most tasks are automated and take little to no intervention from the administrator in the office.  

Below is what a typical day might look like for the administrator of the Digital 360 Health platform based on current users:

  1. Export the CSV file from your EMR and import the file into Digital 360 Health in the morning.
  2. Review any new alerts, as they may need immediate attention from a provider.
  3. Review your messages, and assign follow-up items to the appropriate provider or staff member. To learn more, visit: Patient Messaging Workflow
  4. Export an updated CSV file from your EMR and import it into Digital 360 Health for any updates or changes.
  5. Add any relevant items back to EMR, if necessary.
  6. Add new and exciting health tips to the Tip of the Day Maintenance for patients to view in the app.
  7. Provide the Billing Report to your billing department. Billing reports may be exported daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your specific practice.

Based on your specific office, you may want to import medications, PDMP, diagnoses, and demographics from your EMR every 1-2 days.

There are additional workflow steps for offices that administer Annual Psychological Questionnaires, billing code 96138. To learn more, visit Annual Psychological Questionnaire Workflow.

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