Learn all about Digital 360 Health's convenient patient and office messaging system.

Access Messaging

There are two ways to access messaging:

1. Click the  icon in the upper right-hand corner.


2. Go to Tools, then click Messaging.

Message List
  • By default, messages are sorted by most recently updated.
  • To hide previously viewed messages, click Show Unread Only.
  • To narrow message results, click Search.
Message a Patient
  1. Click Message a Patient.
  2. Search for the patient by Name, Email, Phone Number, or Patient ID.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Enter the Subject and Message. You can also insert smart responses.
  5. Optional: Add attachments and billing-related tasks.
  6. Click Send.

To learn more, visit: Patient Messaging Workflow

Message Admins
  1. Click Message Admins.
  2. Select the Admin you want to message.
  3. Enter the Subject and Message. You can also insert smart responses.
  4. Optional: Add attachments.
  5. Click Send.
Message Options

When viewing a message, there are several additional options available: 

  • Mark as Unread: Changes the status of the current message to unread.
  • Recent Threads: View the last 100 messages threads for this patient.
  • Office Communication: Message an admin in the office regarding the current patient message. This internal message will not be viewable by the patient.
  • Follow-up Items: Add a follow-up item related to the current message. Assign the follow-up to a specific admin and enter the description. Follow-up items are internal only and will not be viewable by the patient.
  • Time Tracking: Add billing-related items and minutes representing the time to evaluate, review the patients' history and electronic medical records and respond to the patient inquiry.
Closing Messages

After patients message the office, the message thread will close automatically 7 days after the last message from the office to the patient. All other messages will close after 14 days after the last message.

This allows the closing of messages to be tied to messaging billing codes that are automatically generated in the Billing Report.

To manually close a message thread, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the message thread you want to close, click View.
  2. Click Close Thread.
View Closed Messages

By default, closed messages will not be shown in the message list. To view closed messages, follow the steps below: 

  1. Click Search.
  2. Change Closed Thread Status to:
    • *ANY* to view both open and closed message threads.
    • Closed Threads Only to view only closed message threads.
  3. Click Search.

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