Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Digital 360 Health!

The steps below will guide you through the knowledge base articles needed for setting up your Digital 360 Health platform.  

Step 1: Sign Into Your User Account
After completing the onboarding form, the Digital 360 Health team will create the initial administrator account using the first name, last name, and email address of your choice. The selected administrator will receive an email allowing them to create their password.

We recommend that the first administrator be the individual in charge of setting up and maintaining your office's Digital 360 Health platform. 

Step 2: Create Workgroups
Workgroups are a collection of users authorized to use specific features.

To learn more, visit: Create Workgroups

Step 3: Configure the Site Setup
Site Setup is where you can configure the different types of messages sent to patients, reminder frequency and times, and homepage messages visible to Admins and Patients from the Digital 360 Health platform. 

To learn more, visit: Configuring the Site Setup

Step 4: Add Users
Add new users by creating Admins. An admin is any office-based user of your Digital 360 Health platform.

To learn more, visit: Adding Admins

Step 5: Add Providers

Add new providers to your Digital 360 Health platform. Providers include Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Physical Therapists.


To learn more, visit: Adding Providers

Step 6: Add Accepted Insurance Providers
Add the insurance providers your office accepts to your Digital 360 Health platform.

To learn more, visit: Adding Accepted Insurance Providers

Step 7: Customize Import Templates
Before importing data, you will need to customize the Import Template, which tells the platform where to send the data it imports from your EMR software.

Import templates include Patients, Patient Diagnoses, Patient Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, Patient Primary Medical Provider Visit, Patient Medications, and Patient Urine Drug Screening.


To learn more, visit: Customizing Import Templates

Step 8: Create Survey Questions
Create survey questions that can be included in multiple surveys. This allows Digital 360 Health to build reports, even when numerous surveys have used the question.

To learn more, visit: Create Survey Questions

Step 9: Create Surveys
Collect valuable patient data using validated surveys. Collected data is then interpreted and graphically displayed, assisting practitioners in managing their patients.

To learn more, visit: Creating Surveys

When you've completed the setup and are happy with how everything looks, you can begin introducing your patients to Digital 360 Health and importing your patient population! 

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