Change or Remove Method of Contact

When patients set up their Digital 360 Health account, they can choose between email or text message as their preferred contact method. 


When setting the contact method to "No Contact," inform the patient that they will no longer have access to the Digital360Health app. They will not receive any notifications, including appointment reminders, surveys, screenings, forms, etc and their provider will not be able to track their progress and response to treatments or procedures as effectively. 

If a patient wishes to change this contact method, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup.
  2. Click Patients.
  3. Locate the patient or click Search to find the patient using different criteria. 
  4. Click View.
  5. Click the   icon next to the preferred method of contact.
  6. The platform will confirm that the setting is now unlocked; click OK.
  7. Select one of the following methods of contact:
    • No Contact
    • Email
    • Text Message
  8. Click the   icon again, preventing future CSV schedule imports from overriding the current selection.
  9. Click Save

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