Mini Psychological Questionnaire Workflow

Here's an example of how offices can automatically administer the Mini Psychological Questionnaires regularly using General Monitoring:

  1. Import Surveys:
    • Go to Setup > Surveys, then click the Import from D360H button.
    • Import the Patient Health Questionnaire-2 (PHQ-2) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-item (GAD-7) surveys.
  2. Link Surveys:
    • Go to Setup > Surveys, click the Add button.
    • Enter a title, such as "Mini-Psych," and select a category. Then, click Save.
    • Click the Linked Surveys tab at the top. 
    • Click the Link A Survey button, select the PHQ-2 and GAD-7 surveys, and then click Attach Survey(s).
  3. Enable a diagnosis for monitoring:
    • Go to Setup > Diagnoses. Select a diagnosis, such as "Depression," and click Edit.
    • Set Enable for General Monitoring? to Yes, and then click Save.
    • Click the General Monitoring Setup tab at the top.
    • Click the Attach button and select your linked surveys (e.g., Mini-Psych [2 linked surveys]). Click Add.
    • Under How often would you like to remind the patient? choose Daily and Recur Every 28 Days(s). Then, click Save.

  4. Enable automatic monitoring enrollment: 
    • Click the   icon in the upper right-hand corner.
    • Then, click the  icon and scroll down to General Monitoring set Automatically enroll patients? to Yes
    • Choose the diagnosis "Depression" (in this example), and click Save.

Once completed, patients will receive surveys to fill out every 28 days. If the office has configured alerts for surveys or specific survey questions, these alerts will be automatically generated upon meeting the criteria, facilitating prompt patient follow-up and streamlining the monitoring process. No additional review is necessary to fulfill the billing code requirements. This systematic approach provides an effective means to consistently monitor the mental health progress of your patients over time

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