Annual Psychological Questionnaire Workflow

Below is an example of the daily workflow for offices that administer the Annual Psychological Questionnaires:

  1. Review the daily schedule for eligible patients, click Eligible Billing Codes.

  2. Verify which patients are eligible for the Annual Psychological Questionnaire — billing code 96138.

    Printing a copy of the schedule and highlighting eligible patients can be helpful.

  3. When rooming eligible patients, provide a tablet for the patients to complete the surveys.

  4. Open the browser app on the tablet and load your page.

  5. Go to Survey > Take a Survey and select the appropriate Annual Psychological Questionnaire.

  6. Find the patient and choose Continue & Take Now.

  7. Select Patient Will Take or, if necessary, I Will Enter Patient's Response(s)

    Explaining the purpose of the questionnaires that the patient is about to take, how it will benefit their health plan, and providing information on the next steps is always beneficial.

  8. Let the patient know that when one survey is completed, they will automatically be brought to the next. Then, give the patient time to complete the surveys in the room.

  9. After completing their appointment, schedule a brief phone call with the patient to review the results with a provider.

The selected provider will evaluate the survey results and complete review questions. Then call the patient at the scheduled time to review the results and any next steps, if necessary.

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