Update Release Notes

Version 2.41.16

Released May 6, 2023

  • Added user invitation status filter in user search and general schedule
  • Added origination source when searching for messages
  • Fixed after-hours messaging to not be visible to patients if there is no provider scheduled
  • Bug fixes and UI enhancements
Version 2.41.15

Released May 3, 2023

  • Added new after-hours messaging system
  • New provider homepage notification for unread after-hours messages
  • Ability to set an on-call provider for after-hours messaging
  • Updated messaging search to allow for search by provider, category, and more
  • When messaging, the patient will now select a message category (Note: Messaging Categories Other and Prescription Refills are required)
  • Added the ability to call the patient directly from a message thread
  • Added site setup option to recategorize messages without a response to “Other” after a set number of hours so messages are not missed
  • Added site setup option for sent surveys to remain active for up to 30 days after being sent (excludes manually sent surveys)
  • New login screen office hours and information
  • Added EMR website link on messaging thread
  • Modified workflow to allow patients to request prescription refills via messaging
  • Bug fixes and UI enhancements

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